Avalanche 170 with 115Hp Mercury 4-stroke EFi motor Water Test

Beautiful, clean Avalanche 17Ft Bowrider with well maintained and regularly serviced 115Hp Mercury 4-Stroke EFi motor available. For price and more info, visit Avalanche 170 with 115Hp Mercury 4-Stroke EFi

Why We Highly Recommend Evinrude’s E-Tec Motors E-TEC TECHNOLOGY Exclusive direct injection technology that sets the performance standard for outboard engines in torque, fuel economy and emissions. WHAT IS DIRECT INJECTION? It is a fuel-delivery technology that allows gasoline engines to burn more efficiently, resulting in more power, cleaner emissions, and increased fuel economy.┬áDirect injection is such a superior technology, that […]

Loading your Boat on a Trailer

This is all about taking care of your boat.

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