The Ally-Gator  with its broad bow and shallow “V” hull is ideal for use on sheltered inland waters. This proven load-carrier is a favourite amongst governmental and commercial operators alike due to its stability, efficiency, low maintenance and hard-wearing features.
The AG range of designs offer excellent stability and nimble performance in narrow, shallow and winding swamp routes while now being available in Maxi format.

Maxi Range
An exciting new addition to our fleet is the Ally-Gator Maxi which provides 25% more deck space/ carrying capacity with nominal financial implications. All models are available in standard Kingfisher and Ally-Gator sizes and configurations.

Our Maxi design is an innovative enhancement to the proven Kingfisher and Ally-Gator hull designs which incorporates the latest VTOL technology.  This design technology allows the hull to generate lift against two integral gull wings, which not only generates lift, but also adds to internal deck space and payload capabilities.
Look closely, one immediately notices the extra beam offered by our VTOL design which gives the operator up to 25% more usable deck space – what is not so obvious are the changes that augment buoyancy, stability and handling.

We can build to your specific requirements.






Product Range


Ally-Gator 750 Maxi

The Maxi range has been developed for applications that require maximum carrying capacity from a fast, maneuverable mono hull.  With its 2.5 meter beam and innovative gull winged hull, the Ally-Gator 750 Maxi provides superior handling, stability and hydrodynamics.  LOA: 7.5M, BEAM: 2.5M,  PASSENGER CAPACITY: 12 UP TO 24 PASSENGERS,  PROPOSED PROPULSION: 115 – 200 hp

Ally-Gator 750 Maxi Layout

Ally-Gator 740

The Ally-Gator 740 is the commercial workhorse of our Shallow “V” range.  Big enough to pack 18 passengers aboard yet still able to be stacked 3 high in a Hicube 40 foot container for economic transportation.  LOA: 7.4M, BEAM: 2.0M,  PASSENGER CAPACITY: FROM10 UP TO 16 PASSENGERS,  PROPOSED PROPULSION: 100-150 hp

Ally-Gator 740 Layout

Ally-Gator 640

The Ally-Gator 640 provides a blend of high payload and maneuverability for the Tour Guide or Family Man alike.  The vessels’ generous deck size allows for adequate seating options for up to 14 passengers and crew with various stowing options freeing up the deck thoroughfare.  LOA: 6.4M, BEAM 2.0M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 2 UP TO 14 PASSANGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 90-115hp

Ally-Gator 640 Layout

Ally-Gator 480

With easy trailering overland and crisp handling on the water the Ally-Gator 480 is becoming a sought after leisure and commercial vessel. LOA: 4.8M, BEAM: 2.0M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 2 UP TO 10 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 50-90hp.

Ally-Gator 480 Layout

Ally-Gator 350

The Ally-Gator 350 is a cost effective boat which is easily handled onto a luggage trailer or roof racks for use virtually anywhere were water is found. LOA: 3.5M, BEAM: 1.4M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: UP TO 4 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 5-15hp

Ally-Gator 350 Layout



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