The Kingfisher Range incorporates a semi-deep “V” hull design in welded Marine Grade aluminium which merges a blend of superior handling, economical performance, unmatched ruggedness and fine lines into one. This semi-deep “V” hull’s bow entry allows these platforms to provide improved crew comfort and reduced fatigue over long distances in choppy and turbulent conditions.

Maxi Range

Our Maxi hull is an innovative enhancement to the proven Kingfisher and Ally-Gator hull forms which incorporates the latestVTOL technology. Look closely, one immediately notices the extra beam offered by our VTOL design, which gives the operator up to 25% more usable deck space. What is not so obvious are the changes that augment buoyancy, stability and handling.

The design allows operators to carry 25% more payload with the same fuel consumption.





Kingfisher Specs


Product Range

Kingfisher 750 Maxi

When you need a fast maneuverable mono hull capable of operating in choppy open waters with maximum payload, look no further than the Kingfisher 750 Maxi.  This 2.5 meter wide boat has our unique gull-winged hull resulting in superior handling, stability and hydrodynamics. LOA: 7.5M, BEAM: 2.5M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 16 UP TO 20 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 115-200hp

Kingfisher 750 Maxi Layout

Kingfisher 740

The Kingfisher 740 is the commercial workhorse of our Semi deep “V” range.  This vessel operates as a small ferry/touring boat for up to 19 passengers and crew.  The 740 platform allows for stability, payload and comfort in flat and mild chop open water conditions.  The low maintenance requirement and general efficiency of the hull design makes the Kingfisher 740 one of the most sought after vessels in our stable.  LOA: 7.4M, BEAM: 2.0M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 14 UP TO 19 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 115-200 hp

Kingfisher 740 Layout

Kingfisher 640

The Kingfisher 640 has proven itself on the Great Lakes of Africa and has become a preferred choice of Government Organizations and Commercial Operators alike.  This Semi Deep “V” design workhorse allows for stability, payload and comfort in choppy open water conditions alike. LOA: 6.4M, BEAM: 2.0M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 8 UP TO 12 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 70-115 hp.

Kingfisher 640 Layout

Kingfisher 600 Tinny

The Kingfisher 600 Tinny were designed specifically for the Okavango Delta but can be utilized where ever navigating narrow waterways is required.  These vessels offer Lodges and Tourist Operators an efficient and economical alternative to our larger Game Viewing and Tourism boats.  LOA: 6.0M, BEAM: 1.7M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 9 UP TO 12 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 40-60 hp.

Kingfisher 600 Tinny Layout

The Kingfisher 550

The Kingfisher 550 is our entry level Semi Deep “V”. this hull design characteristic it to perform well in open inland waters where one can encounter moderate to adverse chop conditions.  The spacious deck area allows for an array of layout options making it suitable for light commercial and leisure applications. LOA: 5.5M, BEAM: 2.0M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 5 UP TO 11 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 60-100 hp.

Kingfisher 550 Layout

Kingfisher 430 Tinny

The Kingfisher 430 Tinny is our entry level vessel in this range and represents the ultimate in simplicity, toughness and safety.  The welded 3mm Marine Grade Aluminium hull ensures big boat toughness in this durable lightweight runabout.  LOA: 4.3M, BEAM: 1.7M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: UP TO 6 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 15-30 hp.

Kingfisher 430 Tinny Layout

Kingfisher 430 Surf Master

The Kingfisher 430 Surf Master has all our big boat features ergonomically designed and engineered into the 4.3 meter platform.  This shallow “V” hull is at home on sheltered waters and is a firm favorite of both fishermen and fishery patrol officers.  LOA: 4.3M, BEAM: 1.7M, PASSENGER CAPACITY: 4 UP TO 6 PASSENGERS, PROPOSED PROPULSION: 85hp

Kingfisher 430 SM Layout


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